The computer motherboard failure distribution

Computer motherboard complex, a relatively high failure rate, failure phenomena more complicated distribution is more dispersed. Are summarized as follows:
(1) a variety of cable short circuit, open circuit fault
Should not pass at a variety of cable short-circuit, the pass off at unreasonable; IC chips, resistors, capacitors, transistors, inductors and other devices yuan
Pieces of broken pins, short circuit, breakdown; connections, pins and power supply, ground short-circuit turn-on; printing plate line break, short circuit and the pad
Fall off and so on. These are common faults.

(2) DMA controller and the auxiliary circuit fault
DMA controller, more powerful, the failure rate is higher; auxiliary circuit chip and the input signal circuit is also prone to failure.
(3) RS-232 serial interface controller failure
PC-in serial interface controller has a separate, but also with other interfaces combined. Serial interface failure is higher.
(4) The clock controller, bus controller failure
Clock controller, bus controller, bus drivers, control commands chips, are possible failures.
(5) memory chip RAM failure
PC, the memory chips are more high utilization rate of the chip itself, the failure rate is higher.
(6) The data bus failure
Motherboard in the CPU, memory, I / O device data bus, the bus buffer registers / driver and so on, also the degree
Different failures occurred.
(7) Address Bus Fault
The performance of the motherboard CPU to send the address in the address bus, the address latch and address of the buffer register / driver, etc..
(8) and address of the memory control signal generating circuit fault
Means the RAS / CAS row / column address strobe, row / column address latency control signal and the row / column address circuit error.
(9) Individual sockets, such as poor contact pin-loosening failure
Means the chip and socket due to corrosion, oxidation, less flexible, pin-Sealing-off, broken and switch failures resulting from poor contact.
(10) I / O channel slots Fault
Means the I / O channel slots in the copper off, flexible weakened, then a short break, pins , Sealing-off, dust too much or fall into the different
Matter arising from the failure