Motherboard where bad start repair

First, to remind the user that the dust is the biggest enemy of the motherboard, one of best if we all take note of. Last time a customer to take over
A board, saying it was not bright, how do we check also check does not go wrong, and later with the IP (volatile can be good, is clean
One of the motherboard liquid) cleaning after "abnormal" disappeared completely. In order to ensure "abnormal" does not appear, the best attention to dust.
There is a sudden power-down, you should immediately shut the computer, so as to avoid sudden calls to the motherboard and power supply burning, we have recently hit
On several cases of similar incidents in the matter. Well, not much said, here I am speaking about analysis processes.
1, visual aids:
To get a defective board first with your eyes scan to see if there is no do not burn marks on the appearance of no damage, it is our
Scope of the inspection.
2, oscilloscope:
Motherboard with the oscilloscope measurements of various components of electricity supply. One is to test whether this part of the motherboard power supply, and then there is the power supply
Voltages are normal.
3, crystal oscillators:
Its role is to synchronize the operation of the various parts of the motherboard, as the system working in 133 FSB truth, all the hardware
Therefore, the frequency will rise or fall, IO is generally 8M, PCI device is 33M, if different from description of quartz oscillators
The updated.
4, BIOS:
Rewrite the BIOS. Because the BIOS can not be measured by instruments, and it is based on the software form, in order to rule out all possible
Lead to problems because the motherboard, it is best to brush look at the motherboard BIOS.
5, power:
Before this is not power, and if components have not been completely burned, the results of a telegram ......。 Ruled out the above problem,
Finally electricity, and then to find out where the problem is.
6, System Bus:
Such as: ISA, PCI, AGP components is a problem. Some of the card slot the previous paragraph is the power, the middle pass inwards
To send data, after a period is the output, then the division of labor in the electrical performance will differ, the general difference between them is nothing a few Europe
However, if the difference of more than a dozen in Europe, I am afraid that the new ones in the.
7, control signal line:
Control signal line consists of various parts of the circuit board signal transmission lines, if the signal waveform from the oscilloscope to determine not
Problem, the general vast majority of these methods can handle that, then you can move on. Of course, this part of the
Is not people can understand, which requires experienced engineers to resolve.
If that does not work, then we are in relation to "consultations", and He He ......。
8, excluding law:
To determine the scope of error to eliminate them. Death usually is more intractable.