Printer can not print how to do?

Here step by step for the camp to introduce the tactics to deal with the printer can not print, so hope that preventive measures, in an emergency visibility mindset, quick solution to the difficulties of the printer can not print.

First check whether the printer is online

There may be loose your power cord leading to no boot, it may be because the reasons set with the printer you do not have online. If you are using, then use the network printer, there may be other side of the computer is turned off, so you can not line up. So if you see the computer online when you are prompted, Please check the situation.

The second restart about your printer

If the printer is online still can not print the document, then you can re-open the printer, not only cleared the printer memory, but also solve many of the print failure.

Third, the printer set as the default printer.

Steps are as follows:

1. Click the Windows "Start" menu, point to "Settings", click the "printer", open the "Printers" window.

2. Right-click the printer icon, the system pop-up shortcut menu, click one of the "Set as Default."

Fourth, the abolition of suspended printing.

Is: in the "Printers" window, right-click the printer icon in the use and click to clear the "pause printing" option before the checkmark "√".

Fifth, to the hard disk free space not less than 10MB.

The likelihood of this situation is now almost zero, but if the poisoning, then so is also possible, so also mindful. If the available hard disk space is less than 10MB, the system must be free more space to complete the printing task. Then, click "Disk Cleanup" button and then "to delete the file" list box, select the file type you want to delete, click "OK" button.

6, increasing the printer's timeout setting.

Check or change the timeout setting, follow these steps:

1. In the "Printers" window, right-click the printer icon, then click "Properties."

2. Click the "Details" tab, in the "time-out settings" to increase the timeout setting. "Not selected" item is designated Window s waiting time for the printer to enter online, over the specified time will be displayed after the error message.

7 to ensure that local printer to print to the appropriate port.

Steps are as follows:

1. In the "Printers" window, right-click the printer icon, then click "Properties."

2. Click the "Details" tab, in the "Print to the following port" box, make sure the printer has been set to the appropriate port. The most common port is set to "LPT1", also a printer using the USB port.

8, the program generates the output is not correct.

To determine the program generated output is correct, other procedures can be used to print the document by the method validation. Our "Notebook" Print a test document, follow these steps:

1. Click "Start", point to "Programs", point to "Accessories", click "Notepad" to open "Notepad" window.

2. Type a few lines of text, and then in the "File" menu, click "Print" command.

If you can print the test document is the original program you use to print a problem, please reinstall the program.

9, re-install the printer driver.

Sometimes, the printer driver may be corrupted, causing the error can not print the document. We can re-install the appropriate drivers, and then print.

1. In the "Printer" window, right-click the printer icon, then click the "Delete", then click "Yes" button. If prompted to "Remove this printer special file", click "Yes" button. If prompted to remove the default printer, click "OK" button.

Two. In the "Printer" window, Double-click the "Add Printer" icon, open the "Add Printer Wizard", click "Next" button, and then do screen instructions.

10, to ensure that the port and the printer cable is working properly.

The work carried out after nine, the following method can help you further found that the problem lies:

1. The printer cable is securely connected directly to the printer if the computer is connected to the computer and printer to ensure that the cables connecting both ends of the plug inserted firmly. If you use the printer switching device, first bypass switch equipment, the printer is connected directly to a computer, and then try to print.

2. Test port to connect the printer to connect to another available port, try to print the document, if print is that damage to the original port.

3. Test the printer cable replaced the printer cable to another root, then try to print a document, if print is that original cable damage.