The test procedure is important when Motherboard repairing

1. Check the circuit source file:
- Most of the main CPU is not needed (except the main INTEL CPU is required to have a new source file.)
- If the source file must not try to remove the 12V connector (4pin) to test if the file is 100%, the problem lies in VRM circuits was slow.
- Click the juice: if the error is only slightly MOSFET island or something, kic presses will run normally. Pressed file that is not heavy and it is slow.
- Measure the 5V (or 2v5-> 5V) in PS-ON pin. If lost: Detect Pin PS-ON -> Chip NAM or SIO. On any guy beat that guy. (If the test chip NAM quartz source and replace the chip again try it)
- Tune in MOSFET island (or islands IC): true blue -> (through) port island (or direct) -> SIO; Dam SIO port or island.

Damaged main island MOSFET die, SIO error, chip error NAM.
2. Clock: will run as soon as the source file that may need to plug the CPU, CLK Check and fix this immediately to step 2. Usually dry only, instead of quartz clock is off and replace all IC.
3. Check the source:
- VCore; VRM circuit <- and="" br="" if="" important="" lengthy="" more="" not="" so.=""> - Source of RAM <- 2nd.="" br="" importantly="" the="" vcore=""> - Source chipset SOUTH, NORTH, AGP <- 3rd="" br="" chip.="" chip="" for="" from="" heat="" important="" most="" pan="" source="" the="" wrong=""> 4. Reset pulse:
- Often, the inspection is complete, there must be reset if power is not only chip NAM. Tract, skin, legs or back instead.
5. All you can not fully boot, the card test may be run:
- Only the CPU socket and the chip North <- 10="" br="" dead="" error="" is="" players="" this=""> - Must beat the previous socket (remove the toilet, steam socket ...)
- Then chip beat North (steam, ice, redo the foot, rather) <- and="" br="" difficult="" due="" lack="" mainly="" most="" of="" pole="" the="" to="" tool="">
6. BIOS:
- Actually bios pan stays last only five steps, but because it is too sour or so people do step 6 before "hopefully" be taken hat.
- Pretty much the problems step 5. Then bear off all severance pay. I also lost another guy brought only defeat does not worry unless adequate tool place and qualify. Said damage to the step 5 of this acidic than vinegar. As long as they dull new goods do not bear it.
- Above is "basically" to handle the disease "normal" of the motherboard only. the disease is a "crazy fool", "flicker", "confusing" ... it is for everyone to own research (which opens).
- On the principle is also known how to try to be, just try.
- The "way" little things like removing the battery, clear cmos (sometimes lose a client as well as main jum CMOS CLR does not run). Remove from the socket bios shaved legs or "bath" with "cell model", even just a little bit off the circuit, the workers ... "has experience" have to do it so I do not mention.