How to make hard drive faster and make the system more stable

First, the rational use of hard disk drives do what is fair use? First we need to understand the physical structure of hard disc. Partition and format the hard disk after it is the basic unit of volume, a partition is composed of a number of sectors. So what is the magnetic area? We all know that when the disk is rotating at work, it stores the information is recorded by a series of concentric circles on its surface, each concentric circle is called a track, we can see in Figure 1 track and volume of distribution (of course, this is just a sketch only, in-kind is much more dense than the figure!), many of my friends think that the red "big man" is a sector, but the correct understanding is that the small yellow as a sector.
A sector size of 512 bytes, a full circle to a track, a track on a number of sectors, so we can see, the more the outer tracks of a single sector on the volume more large, in other words the smaller is its density, due to a mechanical hard disk drive, so their heads to find, read and write, the faster, the distribution of partition from the outer to the inner ring is, so the C drive is relatively on the D drive and so rely on the outside, which is why we feel the C drive than D, E, partition the causes faster. Understand the above knowledge, we can reasonably use the hard drive it! To a new hard disk capacity of 60GB as an example: the C drive is divided into 3 to 5GB (depending on the operating system), tune into the D drive 1GB, the E drive is set to 10GB, the savings would look Let it (can be divided in half F and G drive) - no impact on system speed. Good use of sub-zone is the most critical: 1, the operating system installed on the C drive and put MwIE, Foxmail, ICQ, QQ, FlashGet, Super Rabbit, player software, and some plug-in software and other commonly used software is also installed small on the C drive. If you use such as Microsoft Office-like large-scale software, they should be installed to the C drive. Of course, since we will not use all the features of which, so that useful part of the custom installation to save disk space C! Then set the virtual memory to the D drive (only temporary ^ _ ^) and then use the system disk defragmentation program that comes with the C drive tidy. 2, the use of "micro-dawn registry optimization master" kind of system software modifications to the "My Documents", "Internet cache", "Internet history", "Favorites" and often write, delete the folder set operation to the D drive up to avoid debris and other districts have reduced hard disk performance! 3, the various applications installed to the E drive, as the game can be installed in the F drive, G drive used to store audio and video files. 4, once again on the C drive defragmentation, and then complete the following step after the second set the virtual memory to the C drive!

Second, the virtual memory settings for the virtual memory set to a fixed value is a universal "truth", and it is only right to do so, but most people are to be set to a drive other than C non-system partition , but also the value of physical memory mostly 2 to 3 times. Most people think that the greater the value the better the performance of the system, run faster! But that is not the case, because the system more dependent on virtual memory - large virtual memory if the system will have a lot of free physical memory space to start using virtual memory, the stuff that has less than still remain in physical memory, which will inevitably lead to a decline in memory performance! So I began to test the memory from 32MB 512MB memory till date, said the fact that the above is correct, the virtual memory to physical memory should be set to 0 to 1.5 times (0 times how much ah? Is disabled! ^ _ ^) as well, and the greater the multiple of the physical memory should be smaller rather than larger. When physical memory is equal to or greater than 512MB, the vast majority of PC can not disable virtual memory, and then memory performance is the highest! ^ _ ^ As for your virtual memory set specific to how much you've got to try, because it is memory-resident software and the number and size, and run your software is usually directly related, so I can not given the recommended value. You can first set it to the same physical memory, and then run a few large-scale software, if no exception occurs, you then set it to half the physical memory and then run it several large software, if there is an exception, you must be appropriate to increase the value of virtual memory! So, when you find the best value so long as this value is set to the C drive on OK! :) Note: If you are using Windows ME and below the operating system, it can download "MagnaRAM 97" to optimize the physical memory and virtual memory, so better! In addition, I suggest you not to use the so-called memory optimization software and finishing it!

Third, a reasonable place "shortcut" the vast majority of cases, we run the software are usually the software "shortcut" to do, increasing hard disk, install the software more and more, there Many friends like to put shortcuts on the desktop, it will not only enable you dazzled, and the system performance will decline, but will also cause excessive system resources leaving the system becomes unstable, so we had better put a shortcut on the desktop control in the 10 or so, all other shortcuts can be placed in the Start menu and quick launch bar, and all the software "Uninstall" shortcut to delete in order to improve system performance. Also, try not to duplicate shortcut.

Fourth, caution "safety class" software class software security mentioned here refers to real-time anti-virus software and firewalls. Such software on the system resources and CPU resources are very large (some up to 30% or more), if you do not often on assorted sites, then there is no need to use such software! This can be compared to the actual CPU overclocking, much more convenient! :)

five random start a program to reduce unnecessary it is a commonplace problem, but many of my friends do not know what the program is prohibited and what is not prohibited, so a lot of people do not work in this step. With the optimization of the master of this work is far simpler, in Figure 2 interface "boot speed optimization," Master, you are prompted to optimize what can be banned, what can not be banned! Addition to the benefits of doing so can speed up the startup speed, but also improve the stability of the system in operation!

Sixth, a reasonable set "icon cache" is usually the default system icon cache is relatively large, this is obviously a waste of feeling, so we want to make the appropriate adjustments to its value, we can use "Windows optimization guru," look at the current system has been used many icon cache, then we set its value to about 2 times the actual size of the can. Note: Some computers may not be modified using the optimized master, then you can use the "Super Rabbit Magic Set" to change! In addition, the desktop background and do not make it too complicated (recommended set to "no"), and some friends also made ​​a animated desktop, this approach does not have any practical significance, in addition to the system will bring instability, there are no good effect - after all, we have very little time in the face of the desktop!

Seven, a reasonable set "disk cache" system default values ​​are usually very conservative, so we need to be modified, we can also "Windows optimization guru" in the modified, but we have to manually set the digital input, minimum disk cache can be set to 2048 (KB), the maximum value is set to 25% of physical memory, the buffer read and write unit 512. Note: This approach would be the stable operation of multimedia software bring enormous benefits, especially Do not set the minimum too low!

Eight, right-click menu as concise as possible after installation the program will be a lot of right-click menu in the left figure, many of them are less than we, but the system gave us a burden. To this end, we can "Super Rabbit Magic Set" and other software to streamline the menu on the right, usually leaving only used on the line! In addition, you would be better to remove unwanted items rather than simply removing the front Komagari! This can effectively reduce the "New" menu caused by loss of response to the phenomenon!

Nine, an appropriate display refresh rate and resolution of some friends always complain that their cards too bad, really bad and some graphics a bit, but in many cases because of the display refresh rate is set too high due to the "illusion . " Usually 15, 17-inch color display will be set to 75Hz refresh rate on the line above (if enough bandwidth of course, can be higher), there is no need to force on too high. Resolution is the same reason, usually set to 800 × 600 or 1024 × 768 on the line, as long as good enough, there is no need to play what the "ultimate" and "ashes." This graphics card overclocking than the speed effect to bring most of it!