The computer does not recognize USB devices approach

1. Front USB cable connected the wrong. When the motherboard's USB cable and the chassis on the front USB port corresponds to a reversed-phase positive and negative at the time of such failures occur, which is quite dangerous, because the positive and negative anti-access USB devices are likely to make fire. So, as far as possible the rear chassis of the USB interface, but also to use fewer extension cords. Fractures may also be a problem from another USB port .

2. USB interface voltage of less than. When the mobile hard disk connected to the front USB port is likely to occur when the system is unable to identify equipment failures. The reason is the larger HDD power demand voltage is relatively strict, pre-interface may not provide sufficient voltage, of course, poor power supply may also cause this problem. The solution is not to move the hard disk connected to the USB port on the front, replacing low-quality low-power external power supply or make full use of the hard disk box, if able to do so.

3. Motherboards and systems compatibility issues. Here this failure is the most famous NF2 motherboard compatibility issues with USB. If you are in the NF2 motherboards encounter this problem, then you can install the latest drivers and patches nForce2-specific USB2.0, the latest motherboard and operating system patch, or does not work, then try to refresh the motherboard's BIOS is generally can be resolved.

4. System or BIOS problem. When you are in the BIOS or the operating system will occur when USB is disabled USB devices can not be identified in the system. The solution is to open with the USB device-dependent options. Press F2 or DEL is key to boot into the BIOS, to enable usb device option enable.

5. Swappable to be careful when reading and writing must not pull out, or may be burnt chips. XP, the taskbar icon for more USB devices, open the icon will be displayed in the list U disk device, select the device to disable, and then you unplug the device again, that would be more secure.