Motherboard Power chip detection method

In general a bad power supply board is now a great possibility heart tablets, power broken heart pieces, CPU in general non-temperature, then you can file with the digital multimeter's diode test inductor and the earth off, if the multimeter calls out resistance on the long - words, power is a good heart piece, if the inductor to ground short circuit, motherboards, power supply part of the problem is absolutely, first regulation on the motherboard there are several take down power transistor, if the inductor is shorted, then the motherboard power supply chip is absolutely heart broken! But also regulate the power transistor is broken
, then the capacitance of transistor next to the general also bad (good or bad motherboard capacitor testing would be too simple, only to see on the list, bad capacitors, and the absolute middle of the capacitance will definitely emerge a small section). (BR) how kind enough simple bar! Oh, another thing is, for the motherboard power supply part of the piece, the CPU must first Cece inductor before the voltage on the 1.5V-2.0V can be between the CPU! ! !

Some novice (better than I do the new novice) could not read "If the multimeter calls out resistance on the long, heart-chip power supply is good, if short-circuit inductance on the ground, motherboards, power supplies some of the absolute problem"
Of course, this is a very simple question
Idea was to reach buzz meter block, beep block is the sum of the two tables together, multimeter that will be called blocked. Multimeter block hit the buzzer, after the table with a pen then inductor kick, another UT-grounded, this time multimeter will ring, horn stopped in 1-2 seconds. Multimeter at this time has been demonstrated by the resistance is on the long (at least in my test so I use a digital table). If the long-short ring, then speaks.