oscillator IC3842 Pin Details


IC oscillators are widely used in power Monitor IC is a very simple circuit and low price, you can use this IC to install flash, which will help you easily understand source Monitor more.

The legs of the IC are: + Vcc is 12V + 7 feet 4 feet is 2 feet Foot + oscillation is controlled vacuum fluctuation, the second leg voltage is inversely proportional to the amplitude.
Truth + 1 have the opposite effect with two legs.

+ 3 is the foot Foot Protection

Truth is 6 + feet out fluctuations

UC3842 KA3842 IC or a
KA3842 IC has 8 legs and feet of the tasks as follows:
- Legs 1 (COMP) - this is true comparison received voltage, voltage pin of a proportional output voltage, usually in the power circuit, pin 1 is not received feedback that apply only to play through a leg R 2.
- Legs 2 (V FB) is receiving voltage feedback pin, which can feedback or optical feedback from direct feedback from the roll after passing through the bridge voltage distribution, voltage feedback on two legs is inversely proportional to output voltage, if a reason to put the pin 2 voltage increases, the output voltage will be lowered or turned off.
- Chan 3 (CURRENT SENSE) foot line sensor, this pin voltage track lights at the foot of the S Mosfet, if flow through the Mosfet increase => S pin voltage increases => 3 pin voltage will rise, if the foot pressure 3 increases the threshold of 0.6 V, the oscillation will be cut out, resistance to mass of about 0.22 feet S ohm, if this increases the resistance value or replacement value is greater than the vehicle is running with power interrupt.
- Legs 4 (Rt / Ct) pin connected to the RC oscillator, oscillation frequency depends on R and C values at 4 feet, people often take the pulse of the feedback pin 4 to the phase between the current frequency oscillation frequency source, ensuring that the number of lines operating Mosfet power consumption is also open source for timely supply, which makes the output voltage is not high pressure drop when running.
- Truth is the Mass 5
- Truth 6: The vacuum oscillation, the oscillation is a square pulse width can be changed to adjust the timing of the Mosfet break open, break open the Mosfet time to change the output voltage changes.
- Truth is 7 feet Vcc, the voltage supply for 12V to 14V e 7 feet, if the voltage reduction
<12V, the oscillator can be turned off, the supply voltage via pin 7 becomes prey, when the source voltage to run this additional feedback from the rolls after they were rectified and filtered.
- Chan 8 (VREF) from this pin IC offers standard 5V voltage, this voltage is used to provide ranges of 4 feet, it is common to design circuit protection 8 feet to cling to when the source is trying to lose power in the legs 8 => interrupt oscillator circuit.