BIOS 22 feet CE / CS foot image above RES [RDY / BSY] foot in my motherboard its original 3.3V,

After the normal work of the CPU through the North bridge and South bridge sent a low potential signal to BIOS 22 feet CE / CS foot, so, if you put a multi meter black rod ground, red probe to the stick point in BIOS 22 feet, and then press the Reset 3.3V-down (low potential) rapid and sustained beating,

The BIOS with the North, South Bridge in constant communication, which is to work properly on the motherboard. However, if there is no continued beating signal? We can not rule out the BIOS chip and internal program is good, so we must be demolished after welding under BIOS chip directly on the motherboard BIOS measurements to see if this continued beating signal on the first 22-pin? Beating signal, it goes without saying, you should re-burn the BIOS chip burner checks BIOS is normal , unfortunately BIOS itself physically damaged, it can not re-burn, you can buy a new re-burn. However, if the motherboard is not installed BIOS chips on measurement of the 22 pins on the board and no signal of the beating? You have to go back to the north, the South bridge side again check. Check there?

BIOS receive this signal, the start will be stored loaded in its own program memory implementation, the next course is POST power-on self-examination, self-check system, interrupt program sequence operation, you will see debug card code has been beating until the boot is complete, but this must be in the I / O chip, South ridge is a good case, we know the BIOS program is to check the external interface, such as mouse, keyboard, RS-232 , etc., as well as IDE, SATA, have to automatically detect the hard disk parameters installed on these devices, these processes cause I / O chip, or South bridge issue, but also can not boot or debug card has been jump cyclic code (since the implementation of the problem on the Reset) when you have to take into account these problems, you can be on the television to see the beautiful picture of the boot. Talked about here, you will find that the BIOS CE / CS feet, in fact, is a maintenance the motherboard very good test point