CRT Monitor block diagram


Light color image: a color picture signal components and integrated into a video image by scanning principle, with three monochrome images are generated on the color picture tube through which the principles of color mixing color image synthesis is displayed with full color.

Block power supply: power supply block of Monitor operating under the principle of pulse sources or switching, the input voltage is applied can vary quite widely from 150V AC to 250V AC, output voltage typically provide 5 types of power fixed DC voltage to provide for other blocks in the machine.

* Volume scanning lines: A block is responsible for creating the high voltage supply for the light work around the same time it provides flow control horizontal scrolling driver to drive electron beam scans the screen horizontally.

 *Block raster: raster block's mission is to provide the pulse frame for the roll.Drive along to stretch the screen vertically.

* Block amplification Video: Video signals from Card to put in three lines R, G, B is very weak amplitude of about 0.2 V are two-story video amplifier amplifies the signal strong enough to approximately 40V amplitude before to control the emission current from cathode.
 * Block Processor (CPU) is a control block is responsible for sharp changes in frequency, change the screen size, change brightness, contrast and creates on-screen display.