Recover bad sectors on your hard drive

Recover bad sectors on your hard drive
Hard life for over two years using it often fails, a number of sectors will not be used anymore, but it is often referred to as Bad sector. The cause may be because most of the hard work of instability is often called physical damage.

For this reason, the ability to recover is very low and not ordinary users can do that requires the technician to professional. They also have to mention potential damages caused by software such as viruses by vandalism, power outages while working, install and uninstall software not properly ... system will also be listed in the Bad Sector list that actually it is still used. Bad sector to get back there is no other software can make a better program of Dposoft HDD Regenerator.

As we all know, hard drive failure Bad Sector in general, when the warranty and technical staff will conduct low-level format for marking and removal of Bad Sector in general. This process will lose data on your hard drive and can be deleted by mistake the software sector due to damage caused. HDD Regenerator, but for the limitations will be overcome.


- The inability to Bad Sector repair directly on the Windows operating system that only allows use in DOS environment only. So HDD Regenerator will create a floppy disk repair program contains Bootable. This process is very simple. After the floppy drive, restart the program. Click Regeneration menu and select Create Bootable diskette. HDD Regenerator will conduct the program format and copy that floppy.

- Restart the computer and proceed with the boot floppy. Note that only programs recognize the hard drive can not recognize each partition on your hard drive. Next click on the Fix button to HDD Regenerator inspecting, repairing and restoring Bad Sector not cause physical problems. Bad Sector quantities recovered will be clearly displayed in the interface of the program.

- For the Maxtor hard drive with 40 GB capacity is approximately 5 hours to complete the repair process, it is best to run this program at night.