Reset pulse common errors and how to handle

After checking the main power supply on board is good, CLK pulse is good, then we would be interested in "Reset pulse."
Reset pulse so what?
- To easy to imagine I have two examples:
Speaking on the computer before the offline resources: When you press the power button ON the computer, the computer will first perform the POST (Power ON Salf Test) translates "the basic test when turned on" a form list of all devices when calling device, the device must be answered "yes", otherwise it will call its name forever and code will appear Hoai on "card test" also known as "post card ". If you have "roll" is finished, it will test the code on the card, and FF load carried in the boot disk to boot the operating system. Somewhat difficult to understand, only the second example.

Say something vague nhé. You go to class: class president will roll before school. Class president who called him "yes" after all "is" the new class leader to tell all teachers are "enough" <- -="" a="" all="" and="" answer="" any="" asked="" back="" because="" boy="" calls="" card.="" circuit="" class="" complete="" component="" components="" did="" does="" easy="" emitted="" enough="" eset="" get="" guy="" hoai="" if="" into="" is="" it="" know="" lamp="" last="" light="" lights="" loss="" main="" motherboard:="" named="" no="" not="" of="" on="" one="" or="" perfect="" president="" pulse.="" pulse="" report="" reset.="" reset="" roll="" school="" shining="" take="" test="" that="" the="" there="" thinks="" this="" to="" understand="" v="" very="" we="" will=""> reset circuit fault. But all will be bright enough, then resetting the lights off -> Circuit OK. Also no lights, the reset circuit 100% damaged.
Checking "Reset pulse":

Observations on the card test lamp reset. If the lights on and off as well reset circuit. Then we need to redefine the reset button by accident if the light is bright and when we drop off the reset button reset circuit is a good system. Left lamp reset reset lamp does not light or shining, the reset circuit are also defective.
Common errors:
So this is the fault of the reset circuit "blackout reset": reset both cases the light is not bright or shining lights are reset "resets the signal loss."
How to handle:
- Remember that we have checked all the motherboard and power supply for the clock check was good before this reset pulse.

- Here are the reasons for the loss of pulses reset:
CLEAR CMOS jumper is not plugged into the Main <- br="" is="" most="" nhach="" romantic="" the="" this=""> Losing power for 1.8 V Chipset
Losing power for 1.5 V Chipset
Broken circuit voltage for RAM or AGP Card
Clock Gen broken circuit (no clock)
CPU mounted on Mainboard - VRM circuit does not work
VRM circuit has a problem (loss of pressure VCore)
NAM chipset error.
- Obviously, the first real romantic reasons nhach. Also causes 2 to 7 is the source of all these tests. NAM leaving only chipset. So if you take the pulse reset the CMOS Clear jumper inspection, carefully check the voltage level, the rest is chipset NAM.
- Practical experience is mostly due to chipset NAM (because I had to check from front cover, while the clr cmos jumper must be checked at the beginning). So to "Steam" re-chip, "rock" chips, "come true" instead of chips or other.