Story Behind CD Drive And Dvd Drive

A: CD Burning knowledge

In 1978, PHILIPS and SONY companies are committed to producing the popular audio CD, then PHILIPS has developed commercial laser disc player, and digital recording of SONY has engaged in 10 years. They reach a single audio technology on the development agreement before the two companies are preparing to conduct a business war, their introduction may be incompatible audio compact disc format. In 1982, the two companies announced a standard, including records, sampling, especially now with the 4.72 / "format specification (this size was chosen because it can store about 70 minutes of complete Beethoven's Ninth Symphony )
With the deepening of cooperation, PHILIPS and SONY has announced a technology for computer data CD's to add specifications that gradually developed into the computer using the CD-ROM drive standard, which uses the same technology with audio CD and CD-ROM format. CD-ROM (Compact Disc Read-only Memory) drive for the birth of the PC development, has a crucial importance.

CD-ROM is made of polycarbonate discs, diameter 120mm, thickness 1.2mm, 15mm in the middle of a round hole. In the circle on the substrate coated with a layer of metal film, usually aluminum, this layer of film is to read data CD-ROM where the aluminum film is then covered with a layer of polycarbonate plastic to protect the data inside. CD-ROM, there are many naked eye can not distinguish between the pit (Pit), 0.12-micron depth of these pits, a width of 0.6 microns, they are etched in a span of 1.6 micron spiral track, the corresponding channel density per inch about 16 000. Where there is no pit known as the "Land" (Land), the length of it and the pit is about 0.9 to 3.3 microns. Start from the disk inner tracks, 5mm at the edge of the plate end, all the length of the track about 3 miles.

Drive when reading data, a laser through the laser head, laser light refraction through the beam splitter to the disc surface, the information from the disc and read back aluminum layer is reflected back from the low-power laser beam for optical receivers to distinguish strong reflected light and reflected light or scattered light without the information. No reflected light or scattered reflected light is caused by the pit, while the reflected light indicates the strong point of land, the light receiving surface of the disc from the back to collect the reflected light and scattered light, the light from the microprocessor to the appropriate format to convert data or voice. Ordinary CD-ROM and CD-R disc is basically the same principle of storage, CD-R disc storage materials and coatings richer. For the burner, the burning of data is actually on the disc with a certain wavelength of the laser play a particular hole, so that the drive read the disk when the reflected light available to restore the correct data. CD-RW and the biggest difference is that the former two different storage materials, CD-RW uses a crystalline substance, when the laser to burn about 700 degrees Celsius temperature for a certain position on the matter into another state, the equivalent of CD-R disc punch, and then erased by 300 degrees when the laser to restore the original state of crystalline material, in general, this process can be repeated 1000 times, so CD-RW disc can be done repeatedly carved. As the crystalline state of matter in a different reflectivity are different, bald can distinguish different states of reflected light, to read the above purpose of the data record. The disadvantage of CD-RW reflectivity is relatively low, only about 25% (70% of the ordinary CD-ROM), some older drives can not read.

Only from CD-ROM to be bezel CD-R, can be repeatedly carved into the final CD-RW, its performance is growing, prices are cheaper, and the other a more advanced storage - DVD drive has also been developed to DVD + RW. Imagine the future of CD-ROM drive must be a "universal" products, not only can read data, but also repeatedly carved discs, not only can deal with ordinary discs, can also handle DVD, and even more advanced storage medium. But for the average user, CD-RW is sufficient to meet the daily needs of its contents were lower than the high-capacity, high reliability, speed, compatibility, and ease of use is good, still is the ideal mobile storage equipment.

Burning a disc, in addition to burner and discs, the set of said hand writing software essential (WinXP integrated a simple recording function). Many different types of burning software, but the functions are similar, basically includes: digital CD burning, video CD burning, audio CD burning and image file to burn four functions. Popular burning software, including: Nero, Easy CD Creator and CloneCD, etc., each software has its own characteristics, we will note the following features are some interludes.

Digital CD burning part of the

Digital CD-burning main purpose is to backup data or make some hard games, software installation disc, the recorder is the most commonly used functions. German Ahead Software's Nero is the number of companies produce the most commonly used CD burning software is the most powerful one, the latest version, size 12274kB, is a shareware from this version, Nero full support for DVD and DD CD disk burning. Here we have finished version of Nero (although this version is the official release, but some of the language used and the mainland is not the same user) as an example to introduce the digital CD burning method:

A multi-stage burner

As the capacity of ordinary discs, 650MB, users may not need to burn a disc engraved, this time using multi-stage burn (Multisession) functions for burning. Now the burning software supports multi-segment recording, but the use of multi-disc recording capacity will cause some waste, because the end of each section should take up burning about 13MB of space to store the section on the section of the link structure and information and to prepare the establishment of the next section, it should minimize the number of sections.

1 Start Nero, the program will first check the drive, if you set the Auto insert notification (which will affect the success rate of burning), the program will prompt to close the set. Then the program will be a "Nero Wizard", it can guide the user a step for recording the primary set, here we choose not to use Nero Wizard.

2 in the recording editing interface of the "multi-section" option card selection, "the first burning multi-session disk," then "New" to burn a multisession disc, then if the discs need to pay attention There are data, you can only choose "continue multisession disk burning"; if the first recording select "no multisession" mode, regardless of how much data capacity of the disc can not continue to burn. Then click "New" to enter the burning window.

3 in the burn window, use the right of "File Browser" will need to burn the files on the hard disk drag with the left mouse CD Catalog window (may be repeated drag), may point to modify the system default CD-ROM icon label, Confirm all required documents onto CD-ROM directory window, click on the toolbar of the "Start Burn CD window" button.

4. Burn CD window in the user one last chance to edit discs, the relevant parameters, confirmation, click "write" start burning the disc.

5 into the actual recording phase, the system began to customize the speed of burning, there will be prompted to complete, follow the prompts.

6. When you need to support multi-disc recording of additional data, the editing interface in the recording of "multi-section" option card select "continue burning multi-session disk", click "New." The system will read the corresponding discs, lists the current track, the general chose to continue recording after the last track, "OK", the system will append the data in the remaining sections. After the first operation and the same multisession disc burning, not repeat them here.

Second, the system boot disk recorder

Operating system crash or hard disk problems caused by the system will not boot, an emergency boot disk becomes very precious. General system boot disk using the media as a diskette, floppy disk read speed but slow, not high reliability shortcomings limit its application to burn a bootable CD-ROM system is the best solution.

The principle of burning a bootable CD is the system by reading the current boot floppy (or the corresponding image file) of the relevant documents, will be burned to CD to boot the system part of the boot, and a special set by imitation floppy disk. So start the system using the burned CD (set in the BIOS in the system boot sequence to CD first), the system is equivalent to using a floppy disk to start the effect, but the speed is much faster than floppy disks.

Use Nero to burn a bootable CD is a very easy thing, but you need to prepare before starting a bootable startup disk. With Win98, for example, you can use the "Start" → "Settings" → "Control Panel" → "Add / Remove Programs" and "create a startup disk" to create. Of course, you can also manually make a boot disk, I have written the corresponding Autoexec.bat and Config.sys files. As a bootable CD-ROM at boot-time simulation floppy disk will be all the files loaded into the A drive, so make a boot disk can be some small programs, such as low cell program, the mouse-driven copy to the floppy.

Start Nero, burning editing interface in the type of disc at the left choose "CD-ROM (Boot)", then the system searches the floppy drive, if you need to first create the boot disk into the floppy boot disk for the system to read the file. Used here create a bootable CD image file, select the "image", find the appropriate image file, click "New" Start making a bootable CD. The remaining steps and produce the same general burn the disc, not repeat them here.

Produced using the above method is relatively simple bootable CD, just like a normal boot disk to start the same system. Currently there is a dedicated online guide bootable CD image file, use it to greatly expand the bootable CD feature to make it into a small DOS-based system maintenance tools, interested readers can start to worry Forum to download the appropriate image files and tutorials

Third, the auto-run DVD

Many CD-ROM for your convenience, set to run automatically, the user simply CD into the drive or in the "My Computer" to access the CD-ROM that will automatically perform a specific procedure (of course provided that the user insert the appropriate CD-ROM auto-notification setting is open), CD-ROM runs automatically once you have a simple principle, we can also produce their own auto-run CD-ROM!

The secret is to automatically run CD-ROM CD-ROM root directory Autorun.ini (or Autorun.inf) file that is most useful when the CD into the drive to tell the system what icon to use instead of the original CD-ROM drive icon and automatically run any file .
Autorun.ini files using special software or written language, such as the common Autorun Builder, AMS, Autorun Maestro, VB, VC + + and so on.e="font-size: 10pt;">But for the average user should not be so complicated, the easiest way is to be ready Autorun.ini CD copy a file to your hard drive, slightly modified according to their needs.

The simplest Autorun.ini file only 2 to 3 lines, the basic format is as follows:

[Autorun] (part, said autorun start)

open =*. exe (that automatically run the file location, file name)
icon =*. ico (icon file that the location of the file name)

After you finish writing Autorun.ini file, it and the required files (automatically run the file, icon file) to burn to CD's root directory.
Here's look at an example: We require the disc to load when using the root directory as a drive icon Setup.ico, automatically Start.exe file, then Autorun.ini file can write as follows:


open = start.exe

icon = setup.ico

Next we need to appropriate the necessary documents to disc position, the remaining steps and produce the same general burn the disc, not repeat them here.
After we finished recording the CD into the drive, then the appropriate drive icon into Setup.ico, the system automatically Start.exe (Figure 9).

In fact, Autorun.ini file can be achieved much more with this, it can be written to be extremely complex and can function automatically to achieve a strong, but then Autorun.ini files need to support the registry, have a look at some of the complex Example:

open = notation.exe

icon = shell32.dll, 13

shell / / win98 = Windows 98 installation

shell / / win98 / / command = win98 / / setup.exe

shell / / ie5.5 = install IE 5.5

shell / / ie5.5 / / command = Ie5.5 Jane / / ie5setup.exe

One, Shell said the new location of a primary key (this form is very similar to the registry), followed by names such as "Win98" as a custom variable in the Shell subkey name only, that is In the subsequent description you can not then the variable name.

"Shell / / win98 =" is displayed after the right mouse button menu in the name of this place can you arbitrarily named.

"Shell / / win98 / / command", said sub-key under the Shell, then create a sub-key "Command", if you frequently use the Registry Editor (Regedit.exe), you will immediately understand its meaning, that is, Command the specified string after the program you are running the actual location, just as the same registry file associations.
In this way, a right mouse button in the command Autorun.ini file is written, the effect of this example is run automatically when the CD was added after the two right commands "install Windows 98" and "Install IE 5.5", select the appropriate command CD-ROM will be executed "/ / win98 / / setup.exe" or "/ / Ie5.5 Jane / / ie5setup.exe" command.
In addition, you can add more commands, and your CD-ROM or hard disk with a program on writing, so completed more features.
Four, CD-RW burner.

In the preamble we briefly introduce the CD-RW discs, and the general difference between the current mainstream in terms of the burner and CD-ROM, CD-RW discs for compatibility has been no problem, so the CD-RW disc fully as Normal discs would be, respectively, without any specific operation.
However, CD-RW is an important feature is that it can be repeatedly carved, so CD-RW to carry and is especially suitable for repeated copies of documents from this perspective, CD-RW just like a "mobile storage devices."

As the track in accordance with the ordinary CD-ROM to store data, files stored in CD only sequential writes, there are files on the hard disk can not be the same as being free to edit, modify, which caused some inconvenience to many.
CD-RW can be repeated in the carved features make the CD like a hard disk edit, modify the file into a reality, but a price to pay to achieve this, CD-RW discs have their own storage format changes (regular CD-R disc The format used is ISO-9660), software formatted UDF (Universal Disc Format, unified disc format) format, CD-RW can be like a hard disk to access the data according to sector, but this process is quite lengthy and will loss of around 100MB of storage space, and DOS can not recognize this file format.

Despite Microsoft's latest operating system WinXP built-burning capabilities, and has been for file in Explorer, drag and drop directly to burn discs, but in fact did not change the WinXP CD-RW file format, CD-RW in the operating system requires additional software support can use like a hard disk, the software is the most commonly used DirectCD.
Adaptec's DirectCD from the United States, earlier versions of DirectCD sold separately, but the DirectCD are now integrated into the company an additional burning software Easy CD Creator, the One into sub-functions.
Currently the latest version of Easy CD Creator is, in addition to integrating a number in addition to DirectCD CD burning software required for the surrounding, making extremely powerful, but the file size of approximately 200MB.
Here we have finished version of Easy CD Creator, for example, we explain how to make CD-RW into a "hard"!

1 Start the DirectCD formatting tools in the upper left select where formatted CD-RW drive, click on the middle of the "Format Disc" button.

2 In the pop up window to fill the disc label, then "Start Format", if you select the "enable compression", can this data CD-ROM to 1.5:1 to 3:1 ratio between compression, but the compressed discs only in the computer with the appropriate DirectCD before use, and to read slower, therefore not recommended.

3 confirm the format, the system according to UDF formatted discs began, the format of the slower, formatting a 650MB CD-RW drive takes roughly 10 to 20 minutes.

4 formatting is complete, the system prompts the disc is ready, then you can use Explorer to directly read and write CDs, of course, provided that you have a burner.

5. Look at the properties of the current CD-RW, you can find pre formatted capacity less than 117MB, but this way, more than a few hundred MB of "mobile hard disk", this experience very rewarding Oh!

Although this method allows CD-RW like a hard disk access to data, but it must be noted that because the operating system itself can not support the UDF format discs good editor (mainly for the integrated burning function WinXP), so CD-ROM file for writing and other editing operations preferably on a machine with DirectCD, and read, execute, copy a data CD are not limited operation.

Fifth, over burn

Ordinary CD-R, CD-RW disk capacity is 650MB (700MB or more now have the discs), converted into music CD is 74 minutes for the average user to have enough.
However, in some special situations, users may need to burn discs of file size is greater than the capacity requirement, and will use these files separately from burning, keep the inconvenience (for example, a 651MB game), then you need to use over burn.

The so-called over burn means under certain conditions, to burn discs in CD-ROM provides more than the capacity of the file.
Over burn need certain conditions, specifically main burner, discs, burning software support, three are indispensable.
But do not imagine such a bad situation, the current mainstream burning software and burner supports over burn basically, so the question is the most critical parts of discs, discs performance is good or bad decisions overburn capacity and quality.
In fact, the principle is not super complicated moment, the main burner is the use of discs of the reserved space.
We mentioned in the foreword, CD track start from the inner disk, 5mm at the edge of the plate end, the general area in the disk of the edge that the capacity of the disc the recorder is full, there is also some room for storage of data, the space called the reserved space.
However, the capacity of reserve space is very limited, in general, the nominal capacity in the discs and then on the "additional" 20 ~ 30MB of capacity, but we do not recommend this "ultimate capacity", generally over 10MB or so is an ideal moment magnitude, over the back engraved too much will cause the file difficult to read or burn to fail.

By default, the software is not allowed to burn ultra-carved, and the need for a certain set below the finished version of Nero as an example:

1 Start Nero, burn a new disc, the main interface of the "Writer" menu point "choose recorder" to view the current recorder information, if the left side of the "over-burning capabilities" to "support" is shows that the burner supports over burn, which is super-moment must have foundation.

2 Ensure the burner supports overburning burning software must also be open after the relevant option in the "File" menu, click "Preferences", select "Advanced Properties" tab, check the "super open burning function" , re-set the maximum capacity of discs, so you can burn more than you burn the disc when the nominal capacity of the file.

3 We carried out the actual operation: toward a nominal capacity of 700MB CD-RW burning inside the Chinese version Win98, WinMe, and SPEC Viewperf 6.12 installation files, total file size is 713.2MB, attention in writing before the election on the "end CD "(here not vote system would eventually prompt).

4 system for burning operations, the success of super-engraved discs, this time depends on the quality of the remaining common disc burning operations and the same, not repeat them here.

Six discs of the moment

In particular, we may need to make some important backup discs, these discs may use some of the original encryption technology, direct copy to the hard disk and then burning is likely to lead to burn out of the CD does not work properly, then You need a special way to burn: CD-ROM on engraved.

General burning software such as Nero, Easy CD Creator CD-ROM are available on the carved features, but these integrated software on CD-ROM on the carved and engraved functional experts CloneCD compared, it becomes dwarfed.
Elaborate Bytes CloneCD from Swiss company, this software is very small, only 2.34MB, features a single, only for the moment the disc to generate image file, burn image files, and erase CD-RW discs 4 functions.
Nevertheless, CloneCD carved in the disc for all aspects of performance is the best burning software, whether it is games, software or music CD, all CD formats can be well compatible with a number of encrypted disk recording to good effect , the following example we CloneCD Description:>

CloneCD interface is very simple, and in such a small software contains 31 different languages ​​, it is amazing.
Burning a disc using CloneCD way DAO (Disc At Once, the whole disc burning), written in this way no matter how much data capacity, are not re-burn the disc recording (not recommended to use CD-RW).Under normal circumstances, CloneCD can complete the replication of complex optical disc format, but also to ensure that the data structure is identical with the length of the gap, but this way the stability of data transmission and drive high performance requirements, some small errors are may cause burning to fail.>
Let's look at an example of a CD on the moment:
1 to recordable disk (must be blank) into the burner, you will need a backup source disk into another drive (you can also use another burner), start CloneCD, in the main interface, click " Copy Disc. "

2 In the next window, select the drive where the source disk, click "Next", the system analyzes the source disk, analysis is completed the next window.

3 Select the type of the source disc and click "Next."

4 The system lists the source disk information, click "Next" to burn the interface, select the appropriate type of recordable disc, click "OK."

5 The system reads the files from the source disk, and "C: / / Windows / / Temp" file indexing under "Image.img", after the completion of production began to burn files on CD.
6 burning is completed, the system will exit the discs and give tips, so we get a source disc and burn the same disc.

In general use CloneCD for CD engraved with relatively high on the success rate, but some problems must be noted: First, CloneCD's workflow, we can see, in order to improve the success rate of burning, CD-ROM or the use of the moment " → CD → Burn disc image file "process, in order to ensure a smooth mirror, make sure C drive has enough free space to reserve at least 700MB; Secondly, we do not recommend using CD-RW, CloneCD for CD-RW compatible is not very good, but mainly in order to copy the entire disk backup, there is no need to use CD-RW; last CloneCD set interface is simplified to remove the old version of the DVD encryption to improve the success rate option, which While convenient point for beginners, but for users on the old CloneCD is not adapted to some, but this setting to improve the success rate of burning is still unable to prove.

Part of the video CD burning

When the MPEG -4, RM began to establish their hegemony in the Internet age when video encoding, we are still on the old Video CD (VCD) has a continuous demand.
We have a variety of video files downloaded from the web experience, although the high compression ratio file brought us smooth video, but it is difficult, and no computer to share the joy of friends, sometimes we want exciting DVD movies and Dramas family, but did not suffer at home DVD player, can not find a solution to these problems?Video CD compatibility makes it a good choice, in many cases Video CD is our best choice, the compatibility of other forms of media can not match.Video CD production of the past can only turn to professional companies, the cost is not low, in fact, its not high-tech, with the popularity of the recorder and the rapid development of computer technology, this video production has become within reach, many friends have seen this, but do not know where to start when started, how to burn Video CD of their own it?
I hope you can find the answers here.

May wish to know before you started working in some of the basics of video, Video CD-depth understanding of good Oh.
Digital video encoding and decoding technology is the soul, we often heard of MPEG-1, MPEG-2, MPEG-4 video compression is to achieve the ultimate goal of codec technology, they all come from a place called "Moving Pictures Experts Group" ( Moving Picture Experts Group) international standards, the RM is also a popular way of encoding and decoding, but its implementation and the three different.

The basic elements of the Video CD MPEG-1, MPEG standards established as the first, the new century still had its place admirably.
It uses a redundant information to reduce the image compression algorithms, offers up to 200:1 compression ratio, specifically, is the standard resolution (NTSC system is 352 × 240; PAL system is 352 × 288), the right image compression, data transmission rate of 1.5Mbps, 30 frames per second playback, CD-quality, established in 1992, this standard does indeed cause quite a stir.

We briefly explain the popular MPEG-4 and MPEG-2 (DVD), Video CD production is also based on both the conversion.

MPEG-2 released in 1994, compared with MPEG-1 night 2 years.And MPEG-1 compared to a substantial increase in transfer rate, resolution of up to 720 × 486, reached an advanced industry-standard image quality.MPEG-2 to provide stirring sound, it supports left, right, rear surround, center five full bandwidth audio channels, but can also increase the low frequency enhancer (we usually call sub woofer), and seven audio channel, which are MPEG-1 can not match the height.
MPEG-2 compression ratio is variable, so the advantage is that it can adapt to different quality, different storage needs, a typical example is the same movie can be made into a DVD5 DVD9 disc version can be found, they The difference is that the level of quality.
MPEG-2 can also be used for cable television, cable and satellite broadcast network, to provide broadcast quality digital video.

MPEG-2 and the pursuit of a breakthrough on the quality of MPEG-4 is targeted at multimedia interactivity, flexibility and high data compression to optimize the design.
MPEG-4 the most impressive is its extremely high video compression rate, it uses the least data to get the best image quality, MPEG-4 encoder with the image processing quality decline in the case of small volume can be reduced to the fraction of the original, 2 ~ 3 Video CD image can be easily compressed to a CD-ROM and not much quality loss.
MPEG-4, characteristics are ideal for network transmission and family photography, widely used in video telephony, video mail and other areas that require low transmission rate.

Although the advantages of the two different, but share a common drawback: for ordinary families, penetration is not high.
DVD requires DVD player or DVD-ROM drive is configured with a computer to play, while MPEG-4 is almost computer patents.
In this context, let us begin the content of it below.
Video CD of the production process can be divided into "conversion" and "burn" two-step, because many of my friends often can not find the right software and distress, in fact, easy to use software on your side, do not believe?
Please read on.

First, the video format conversion.

Video CD common are two versions 1.1 and 2.0, which has interactive menus, usually VideoPack 4.0 for production, its production process more complex, where the main discussion of the simple production of Video CD 1.1, after all, a large range of its practical application , production methods are easy to learn.

As removed from the production of interactive menu, a lot of trouble to omit the steps for immediate access to video format conversion step.
Video CD uses MPEG-1 format, so that all objectives are to convert the extension "MPG" MPEG-1 files.
Here we introduce DVD (MPEG-2) and AVI format (MPEG-4) video conversion.

1.DVD (MPEG-2) conversion

Although we have a lot to MPEG-2 encoding files into MPEG-1 encoded files software to choose from (many of whom are professional products), but for general home use, the hero has developed a series of video / popularity of a wide range of production tools , easy to use, so as an example.

For DVD (MPEG-2) development of "Hero DVD Ⅲ" not only provides excellent playback, the software also comes with a set of tools one of the highlights.The default installation can be fitted with all the tools installed.

In the Start menu can find a wealth of tools.

Into the DVD, in the "VIDEO_TS" folder to see more files, including those larger than 1GB is our goal to convert.

In order to prevent the conversion process due to accidents caused by CD-ROM reader, it is best to copy the VOB files to your hard drive, "Hero DVD " where you can find "DVD disc copy" of this tool.Open the "DVD copy disk", select the path and open mode can be, for the convenience of explanation, we select only a section of the copy.

"DVD transfer VCD" is "Hero DVD Ⅲ" provides one of the important functions.
Interface is quite simple, I believe we will find it very easy to use.
Here select the converted file.

Output path is equally important, pay attention to whether enough disk space, or a few hours of wasted effort will let you in tears.
If the entire disk to the DVD drive, select the path or file points to a DVD, there will be subtitles and language selection, please be sure to note this point.

If you do not want to wait too long, select the video processing method.

Experience tells us that "the use of MMX's fast algorithm" seems faster.

Select "Create VCD format MPEG file" will save a lot of labor, we do not have to worry about calculating that more video and audio parameters, and headache.

Conversion is a fairly long process, of course, if your processor strong enough no problem.

2.AVI format (MPEG-4) video file conversion.

AVI format video files can use different encoding, MPEG-4 is the most common form, mentioned above, we have to convert it to Video CD's need, here we go directly to topic.
Open the "hero super king 2001XP" menu, we see "AVI to switch MPEG" and many other tools.

Interface and "Hero DVD " in "DVD transfer VCD" similar.
Input-output path selection.
Operations and DVD to VCD or less the same.DVD conversion relative terms, AVI conversion to be a little faster, but limited.
Audio CD burning part of the

First, burn a CD

If just a hand grasping the CD down from the WAV file, or have a favorite MP3, WMA files can be very easy to burn out one of their own "Featured CD"; in the CD, to be a wonderful time Many people will not help to go burn down as a backup.
So here we introduce a special audio recording of the star is still a powerful burning software Nero.

The first is the choice of CD burning mode, we can use the "Wizard mode" in the "Music CD" burn option (Figure M1), also close the wizard mode, directly in the "new recording" window, select "Music CD" recording mode (Figure M2).
When using the Nero wizard mode, we need to "change the recording settings" option in the various settings of the CD, Nero allows the user to burn a disc write CD Text, including album name, artist, language and copyright statement and other information.