Disc loading mode (double-layer burning)

CD-ROM: What is the double-layer burning referred to the double-layer burning must first explain the specifications of the DVD disc. DVD disc to distinguish between single sided / double-layer and double-sided single / double-layer specifications according to records in accordance with the specifications, there will be a different capacity, depending on the capacity of the DVD is divided into four specifications, namely a DVD-5 DVD-9, the DVD-10 with DVD-l8.
Currently on the market the more common DVD-5 and DVD-9 disc. DVD-5 specifications: single-sided single-layer, standard data record is 4.7GB. Currently on the market, mostly a DVD of this specification, because the production of the specifications of the highest maturity. Double-layer DVD-9 specifications: single-sided, that is, the data layer to two layers, sandwiched between a semitransparent reflective layer, a result, read the second layer of information, do not need to DVD disc upside down directly switch the focus position of the laser read head. Theory, the data record can upgrade to 9.4GB, but due to the stability of a two-tier structure would interfere with the signal, so the actual maximum amount of data records can only reach 8.5GB.
Function of double-layer support means to support a single-sided double-layer DVD disc burning capabilities, is to support the DVD burner to burn DVD-9 format. Of course, in order to achieve a double-burner, the burner needs to support, but also the support of the discs and burning software. With the popularization of broadband networks and DV, DC, and other digital products, the requirements for storage capacity has been growing. The Internet to download movies, music, 80G hard drive, soon to be compressed to the limit, so that users need a convenient, cost-effective storage methods and media to free up hard disk space memory something new. In the past, an ordinary CD recordable disk can store about 700MB of data, basic can address the need for mass storage, but now the era of multimedia entertainment, the capacity of an ordinary DVD disc is a CD seven times, the advantage is obvious. The double-layer DVD burner is the latest DVD mode, and is also the future development of DVD recorders final trend-sided double-layer burning DVD disc's storage capacity to expand from 4.7GB to 8.5GB. The industry believes that the capacity increases to more practical significance than simply burning speed increase.