Distinguishing CPU Intel Core i3, i5 and Core i7

Differentiating Intel Core i3, i5 and Core i7

as we know Core i7 high-end market for Core i5 midrange market and Core i3 market lower.

Pentium Besides being used for the application general use, Celeron for Atom cheap solution and is designed for netbooks and other portable devices. According to Bill Calder, in charge of Intel's communications division, admitted that their structure is too complex for too many platforms, product names and it makes for confusing consumers. He also said that Intel is trying to make this known structure becomes easier to understand. In fact, things are not so easy as most people can not recognize the difference between Core i3, Core i5 and Core i7. Core i7 i7-900 and the i7-800. Core i7-900 is codenamed Bloomfield, supports Triple-Channel Memory, and Bus Socket LGA1366 QPI (Intel QuickPath Interconnect) to provide the communication between the CPU and other components systems other. These processors use Socket LGA1156 Core others, use bus DMI (Direct Media Interface) . Core i7-800 Lynnfiled codenamed memory only supports dual-channel configuration. All Core i7 with 04 series Model core and Hyper-Threading support should be 08 for processing continuous data streams (8-thread). Core i5 700 line is codenamed Lynnfiled processor Quad-Core, not Hyper-Threading support. Core i5 600 line is code-named Clarkdale Dual-Core and Hyper-Threading support should be 04 for processing continuous data streams (4-thread) with 4MB L3 Cache. All Model Core i5 only supports memory with Dual-Channel configuration. Core i7 and Core i5 support TurboBoost technology. Core i3 i3-500 line , codenamed Clarkdale, with Dual-Core support Hyper-Threading technology, with 4MB of cache, memory support structure Dual-Channel formation but does not support Turbo Boost technology. As such the CPU 8-thread processor is Core i7, 4-thread support Turbo Boost technology and Intel Core i5 CPU does not support Turbo Boost is Core i3 . There is also a difference that is the Lynnfield and Clarkdale CPU integrated PCIe 2.0 controller Bloomfiled while he is not.